Akitla means snow on the water.

Akitla Town is a quiet town in north-northwest Tatsu that is the home of Tatsu's Ice-type Gym.

During fall and winter, Akitla is largely covered in snow. Despite being at the same latitude as Eureka City, Eureka is shielded from the snowfall by the Takai Mountains, while Akitla is situated in a valley that breaks up the range, and is thus affected. It's only until spring comes that Akitla turns green again. The town is divided by a cold river, with bridges back and forth. There are many small and cute houses around the town, as well as a couple larger mansions owned by upscale residents. Like in Hoenn's Lavaridge, a free hot springs is here behind its Pokémon Center, but its purpose is to help people warm up on especially cold days. SOLARUS Inc. has a small office here for expansion in the Akitla area. They own almost 50% of the businesses in the town, including the gym, while the rest are privately owned by the wealthy.

At one point, the river widens and is divided by an island. On this island is the Ice-type Pokemon gym - sanctioned by the League, but owned by SOLARUS. The leader is a woman named Svetlana, who is allegedly Li Shan Fang's niece, though she doesn't look much like it.


Akitla's name is Inuit for 'snow on water'. Akitla Town is based off of Trondheim, Norway.

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