One of Tatsu's famed attractions is the monthly Battle Festival - a moving Pokémon carnival that moves to a different city every month. It's the equivalent of the Battle Frontier in other regions. While the award for conquering any of the facility leaders there is not as prestigious as the title of Champion, it serves as a fun diversion for trainers and cheers up more impoverished places. The Battle Festival has five main facilities and offers a wide variety of goods bought with Festival Tickets.

Facilities[edit | edit source]

Battle Tent[edit | edit source]

The main and simplest one, a small 3-on-3 battle tournament.

The facility leader is a Ringmaster, with a team composed of Psychic, Fire and Electric Pokémon.

Battle Carnival[edit | edit source]

A small fairground section with carnival minigames. Trainers who succeed are given items to help in upcoming battles. After winning a number of carnival games, the trainer may get the chance to battle the Carnival Leader.

The facility leader is a slim middle age guy with a bowler hat and a twirly moustache who uses Dark, Ghost and Poison Pokémon, such as Waruvial.

Battle Circus[edit | edit source]

You are given a rental team, like the Battle Factory.

The facility leader is a female circus clown who uses random Pokémon.

Battle Gauntlet[edit | edit source]

A gauntlet of 3-on-3 battles without any healing between. The player wins a number of tickets proportional to the number of fights he lasted.

The facility leader can appear after a certain number of fights. He is a strongman who uses mostly Rock, and bulky Water and Fighting Pokémon.

Battle Ring[edit | edit source]

3x3 Doubles or 5x5 Triple Battles. Knock out 2-out-of-3 or 4-out-of-5 Pokémon, respectively, and win the fight.

The leader is a wrestling diva trainer who uses mostly fast Fighting, Flying and Normal Pokémon.

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