Breeze Valley is the area that makes up most of Route 11 in Tatsu. It stretches from Centria to Breezetop City. The route is one of the shorter paths between cities, though to get between the two cities on foot will likely mean about eight hours of walking.

The valley is very long; it is primarily bisected by the highway between Centria and Breezetop. Travelers between the two may elect to walk along the highway, or, if they so desire, they may take their chances in the hills to go looking for wild Pokémon. The rolling hills on either side of the valley are host to large wind farms full of hundreds of wind turbines that bring power to Breezetop City and the surrounding areas. The turbines are very quiet and relaxing to watch, even hypnotic. Some of the Pokémon in the vicinity include flying Pokémon such as Swablu and Drifloon.

Also in the hills, about halfway between the two cities, is an inn and Pokémon shelter with a large pond inhabited by Surskit and other species. The inn is said to get some strange types.

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