Where the wind comes sweeping down the streets.

Breezetop City is the city that sits atop Giha City. It is the location of Tatsu's flying-type gym. Thanks to a series of sweeping infrastructure improvements, the city looks like a sparkling new, clean place to live. It retains a friendly atmosphere, and the many citizens of the town have a distinctive accent, so that anywhere you go, you can recognize a Breezetopper.

However, a few dirty remnants of the older city remain, abandoned because the city government was too lazy to spend the money on demolishing them. The last few mayors of the town have in fact been in the back pocket of various organized crime gangs looking for a slice of profit. One of the remnants left behind was an abandoned subway station that serviced Breezetop. However, a new subway station was built to connect to Centria's station at the behest of SOLARUS Inc.

The abandoned station has become a hideout for all kinds of shady types, as well as some wild Pokémon. Many of the crooks come from the ghetto of Giha City underneath, and gang violence from Giha sometimes spills up into the alleys of Breezetop. A series of doors, ladders and staircases lead to Giha City, with several entrance points connecting the two. There are also several more access points in the Breezetop sewer system, which is equally festering with crooks and Pokémon. Aside from that, the places are largely abandoned, making for an eerie atmosphere and a feeling of danger.

Wind power is the primary source of energy for the city, so ecologically, it's a great place. Wind turbines on the roofs of buildings harness this energy, as well as the wind turbines along Breeze Valley between Breezetop and Centria. Breezetop's street plan often aligns with the wind currents, sending harsh gusts of wind down the streets of Breezetop, making many people in the city wear coats.

Breezetop Gym[edit | edit source]

Tatsu's Flying-type gym is located near the outskirts of town, in a high stadium built several stories above ground level. An open roof lets flying Pokémon harness their true potential up in the air.

The gym leader is a young lady named Rahona Sanso, whose fear of bird Pokémon means she uses non-avians like Drifblim. She gives the Nimbus Badge.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Breezetop City is based on Chicago.

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