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Gender Male
Age 25
Hometown Goldenrod City
Occupation ex-Team Rocket member
Starter Sneasel♀ [Lesath]
Favorite Lesath
Party Sneasel♀, Pidgeot♂, Scyther♂
PC Box N/A
Badges 5 Johto

Backstory Edit

Coming Soon


Not much is known about Clyde, except that he grew up on the streets of Goldenrod City and was once a member of Team Rocket.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

coming soon

Behaviors and habitsEdit

Coming Soon


Coming Soon; gonna draw this motherfucker.

Partner PokemonEdit

  • Lesath, a female Sneasel.
  • Aileron, a male Pidgeot.
  • Bowie, a male Scyther.

Terms of UseEdit

Clyde may be used in any canon material; otherwise, please notify BANANANANA.

Oh, and fellow drawfriends are welcome to sketch him.

This character needs a little more work before he/she can pass the Character Evaluation test.