Brothers and sisters gather in Dilentte.

Dilentte Village is a newer city in Tatsu, a bohemian village for all kinds of artsy-fartsy types. It is the fourth least populated town in Tatsu, with about 3000 people to its name.

Over the course of the 20th century, it became a haven for the new-age and avant-garde. Many bohemians were looking for a way to escape from the oppression of mainstream society, particularly that of Noire City, and began congregating together in what was at the time a peninsula of wilderness south of there. At first the people made due in small encampments, but enough people began to live there to attract the attention of the regional government, who were none too happy; a legal battle by the residents resulted in its incorporation in 1936. Things have become significantly more modernized since then.

A number of row houses line the streets, along with theaters, coffee shops, salons, and more. The majority of the settlers agree that traditional pokemon battling is far too barbaric, so rather than a gym they have erected a Music Theater and a Contest Hall. An exception to the rule is the acceptance of Noire's Jérome, who frequently visits Dilentte Village, where many of his friends live. This has led to many of his critics dismissing him as a 'black hipster'.

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