Sprite by ?????
Gender female
Age 15
Hometown Unknown
Occupation Trainer
Starter Eevee
Favorite Umbreon
Party Umbreon, Skitty, Vulpix
PC Box Unknown
Badges 5


Espea was always a quiet girl. She didn't have any interest in Pokemon. One day, she saw an Espeon, and was impressed by the elegance. She decided to find her own Eevee, so she could also have an Espeon. For the first time in her life, she was excited about something.

After half an year of training, her Eevee finally evolved - into Umbreon. Being angry at it, she treated it rudely. She lost interest in Pokemon again. Her mother was concerned, because Espea, at age 13, stopped being cheerful and excited as before. So she got her daughter a Skitty for her Birthday.

Espea wasn't happy about it. Again, she treated her Pokemon badly. But after time, she realized it wouldn't help. It was her fault that her Eevee became an Umbreon.

Nowadays, at age 15, she has a Vulpix, her Skitty and her Umbreon. She doesn't hate her Umbreon, but she doesn't love it either. But she enjoys challenging gyms and is quite successful.


Espea is cold towards Pokemon and persons, looking down on everyone. Ambitious, but rude and disrespectful. She is a lone wolf, and gets aggressive when losing a battle, what does occur often, because she can't control her Pokemon right and is rough towards them.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

She keeps distance to everyone and everything around her, what might be her biggest problem. Despite being a good trainer, she keeps standing in her own way.

Behaviours and HabitsEdit

Normal, maybe sometime rushed. Espea doesn't care about details, only the result counts for her.


She has long, black hair and wears violet and black streetwear.

Terms of UseEdit

Can be a rival.

This character needs a little more work before he/she can pass the Character Evaluation test.
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