Eve Del
Gym leader of
Primavera Town
The Bearer of Abundant Fruit
No image
Gender Female
Age 55
Starter Turtwig
Favorite Torterra
PC Box Flaaffy, Miltank
Type trained Grass
Basic Party Turtwig, Tangela, Cherubi
Intermediate Party Grotle, Tangela, Cherrim, Petilil
Advanced Party Torterra, Tangrowth, Cherrim, Lilligant, Ninetales
Badge Sublime Badge

Sublime Badge NEW.png

Eve Del is the Grass-type gym leader of Primavera Town. She gives out the Sublime Badge, which is shaped like a small tree. She is based on Romantic motifs, and her name comes from the Biblical Eve.

Biography[edit | edit source]

She is the mother of Wattsburg gym leader Tessla Del, and was often away from home while her husband and three children worked. Sharing the views of the rest of Primavera's citizens, Eve rejects modern social values and extolled the virtues of the simple hard-working life to her children. However, not practicing what she preached, Eve barely spent time with her children, instead running the Primavera gym. Tessla resented her mother for this, and went on, of course, to become the Wattsburg gym leader and supervisor of its power plant. Eve and Tessla's new familial rivalry, and the reason for it, are no secret to the residents of both towns.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Eve Del is an older woman. She wears a dress that resembles a tree.

Terms of Use[edit | edit source]

As a Gym Leader and an NPC character, she can be used freely; however, it is important to closely follow her character profile, unless of course it's something that's meant to be silly and out of character.

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