Evelyn Cross
Psychic Trainer Guy
Sketch Evelyn Cross
Gender Female
Age 23
Hometown Noire City?
Occupation Lounge singer
Starter Jigglypuff
Favorite Jigglypuff
Party Jigglypuff
PC Box N/A
Badges N/A


Evelyn is a lounge singer that has recently shot up in popularity. She makes appearances at the local clubs in Noire City. Since she was a little girl singing has been her passion. It's her dream to make it big and tour the world. For now Evelyn and her jigglypuff perform in the backstreet clubs in the hopes of fulfilling those greater aspirations.


She carries herself with a sensitive and calm demeanor. Despite this however she is hard to get close to or even understand. Her thoughts seem to be a mystery to everyone around her. All anyone can really say about her is that she truly loves singing in front of a good crowd.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

She speaks to people in a smooth flirty matter. Those who spend more time around her find that despite her kind words and mannerisms there's something cold about her.

Behaviors and HabitsEdit

Often flirts with with others but really shes just a big tease. Tries to act cool at all times. She is often vague and mysterious.


Long blond hair, pale white skin. Usually seen in elegant dresses. Everything about her screams glamor.

Terms of UseEdit

This character is basically a love letter to my some of my favorite Noir styled films. If you seen some of those black and white classics then you can use her. If you haven't...well you can use her anyway but I think you'd be missing the point.

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