Tatsu Region, like all the others, has its own variety of events and the like throughout the year. There are, of course, the major events such as the annual Tatsu League tournament and the Contest Hall tournaments, etc. However, cities and other areas may have their own local events/festivals that are hosted periodically. In the future, if we come up with one major, unified Tatsu RP, these various events will be scheduled regionwide or for different locations.

Native Local EventsEdit

Native only events are events tailored to a city's unique culture, in a way that shows of the best of what that city has to offer, in terms of culture and trainers. This type of event takes place less frequently than open events, but when they do, they often are regarded with at least some prestige. However, visitors are welcome and encouraged to watch, but it is the people from within the community who organize and participate in the events. An example of such an event would be a breeding convention in Primavera Town, or a science fair in Eureka City.

  • No native events

Open Local EventsEdit

Open events have more of a general appeal, while still maintaining some of the city's unique cultural influence. These are usually simple battle competitions and the like.

Regionwide EventsEdit

  • Pokémon League, at the Pokémon League island every July
  • Battle Festival, the equivalent of a Battle Frontier, which goes to a different city every month
  • Pokéathlon???
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