Nowhere holds prisoners like Gaston.

Gaston Town is a town in Tatsu. The town is surrounded by giant boulders, which people and Pokemon enjoy climbing onto. It has a museum of ancient Tatsuan artifacts from its golden days. However, as more and more people came to Tatsu, crime soared, and massive break-ins took place at the museum. Even after harsher security measures, the curators of the history museum still find artifacts missing.

Helping the museum restore its solen artifacts is the rock-type Gym Leader of Gaston Town, Carrie, a reformed thief and graverobber who spent several years in the town's prison. The townspeople are wary of her and distrust her position as the Gym Leader, and often speak among themselves about whether they should get a new leader.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

-Gaston is a climbing technique invented by alpinist Gaston Rébuffat. The 'ston' in Gaston also sounds like 'stone' A certain Disney villain also shares this town's name.

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