Máximo Myst
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Gender Male
Age 19
Hometown Lavender Town
Occupation Trainer
Starter Gastly
Favorite Gengar
Party Gengar, Slowbro, Dusclops, Aron, Cofagrigus, Litwick
PC Box Unknown, rumored to be a collector of ghost pokémon
Badges None


Máximo is one of the few trainers coming from Lavender Town. He is not exactly known who he was born from, but most people know that he is from Lavender Town, due to the same eerie aura coming from him. He is known to train semi-exclusively Ghost Pokémon, honouring his hometown. As most people of his hometown, he got his first Pokémon in the Pokémon tower. After battling a bit with other kids, it evolved into a Haunter, there being a two year gap between this and the last evolution, which happened as the radio tower was being built. Haunter absorbed the pollution that came off, and thus evolved. His second Pokémon was a Slowpoke, gifted to him by his mother, and evolved as a Shellder jumped onto his tail. Máximo didn't like this and tried to pull it off, thus the Shellder doesn't like him and tries to hit him by balancing from side to side, as Slowbro's tail is weak, due to Shellder feeding off the tail's nutrients. He currently resides in Noire City.

Personality and attitudeEdit

Máximo is a very cold person. He enjoys seeing other trainers lose, although he does open his heart when talking to women. He is always extremely polite, except when losing or fighting against a male trainer. He loves his Pokémon over nearly everything, and is prepared to throw away expensive items such as nuggets just to save them.


Máximo is a standard sized 19-old. Apart from being overly skinny, he doesn't have any other prominent features. He is nearly always dressed in purple, with T-shirts and darker jackets (It seems he has a whole wardrobe of the same clothes), and purple cargo pants with everything strapped to the black belt (even his backpack). He wears a scarf, either around his neck or just over his shoulder. He also sports a pair of black running shoes. His hair colour is white and he has grey eyes.

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