Dubai, Jade City's basis

Jade City in the middle of Jade Desert. Except the city is greener.

Like a gem sparkling in the desert.

Jade City is a city located in Tatsu. It is south of Centria and north of Maltus Town, and it contains Meiro City. The city has no gym.

City[edit | edit source]

Jade City is located in the middle of the Jade Desert, a topographical peculiarity and the cloud patterns of the region causes the Jade City area to be baking in the sun. It is a fast-growing, planned city meant to accommodate many people moving to Tatsu seeking to live and work in the region. Shiny new real estate and commercial developments are springing up all around; with new skyscrapers every year. One project being considered is a canal starting in Jade City and leading through Jade Desert to the ocean. The city has about 300,000 people and rising.

The city itself is quite a good place to live, with many work opportunities. A grassroots environmental group has made hardy plants grow in abundance around the city, and fields of green grass now surround the outskirts of the city, making it look even more like a green oasis in the desert - fitting its name, Jade. It's also known for having a great amount of diversity in its populace; you'll find people of many different colors there. Jade City is already becoming a quickly-romanticized city for these aspects. The schools and universities in Jade City are also said to be some of the best in Tatsu - outside of the renowned Smuggon University. It is a fairly safe place to live as well, with low crime rates despite its fast-rising population.

It is targeted by two rival corporations vying for domination in the city: Kanto's Silph Co. in the east, and SOLARUS Inc. in the west.

Meiro City[edit | edit source]

Despite the relative safety of the city, there is one dangerous place to get near. Just north of the city center of Jade City, there is the tightly-knit slum town of Meiro City. Reckless development and lack of government has caused this unofficial city to become an unsanitary, crowded, criminal eyesore. Gang violence is plentiful there, and the only real defenders of the walled town are a group called the Ariados Fellowship. The arms race between SOLARUS and Silph has led to their lobbying for two gyms to be certified, each on their respective side of town. However, the rightful gym is the Poison-type gym there led by Hassan al-Zayyed, who is also the Fellowship's leader.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Jade City is based on a smaller scale version of Dubai; because of its arid surroundings and its many construction projects.

Meiro City is based on the Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong; see the Meiro City page for more information.

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