Jade Desert. The sand is of a more light-beige color than what is depicted here.

The Jade Desert is a hot, mostly flat expanse in south central Tatsu. There are few sandstorms and no ruins have been discovered (yet) - it is simply an arid plain of sand, and the area with probably the least rainfall in the entire Tatsu region. A number of topological and meteorological factors contribute to the Jade Desert's arid nature.

Many Pokémon can be found here, including the Cacnea family, the Trapinch family, the Sandshrew family, the Sandile family, Sigilyph, Maractus and more.

The desert is bounded to the north by a river; it is bounded to the south by the strait dividing the desert and the landmass Maltus Town is on. To the west there is a small area of grassland; to the east, there are more towns and forests. In the middle of the desert is Jade City sparkling like a green gem; the city was marked for development when an oasis was found in the desert many decades ago. A project is being considered to build a canal in the desert leading to the ocean.

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