Jake French
Gender Male
Age 15
Hometown Eterna City
Occupation Trainer?
Starter Klink
Favorite Klinklang
Party Klinklang, Snorlax, Elekid, Marshtomp, Linoone, Sentret
PC Box 4
Badges 7


Jake French was born in Eterna City, in the Sinnoh region. Coming from a wealthy household (specifically a line of aristocrats), Jake was fortunate enough to never have to do anything worthwhile in his life. Of course, seeing the other children that he grew up with playing with Pokemon that their family owned, made Jake jealous, as his family was very strict when it came to having the creatures in the house. One day, when Jake was 7 years old, he saw an unfamiliar Pokemon floating through the sky, that looked sort of like a gear. As Jake watched it float lower and lower, he came to the realization that it was injured, and saw it land heavily onto the street outside his house (Or mansion, mind you). Jake then ran over to it, and saw that it was a Pokemon he had never seen before. He grabbed a wheelbarrow from a shed in his garden, and wheeled the Pokemon away with the help of some friends to a <WIP> IGNORE FOR NOW!

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