Jude Mercer
Mia man
Made using MagicalGirlYossy's trainer creator
Gender Male
Age  ??
Hometown Eureka City
Occupation Traveler/breeder/trainer
Starter Magmar (Mort)
Favorite Magmar?
Party Magmar, ???????
PC Box  ???????
Badges 1+??????

Back Story Edit

Jude hails from Eureka City. He spent a few years working as the last trainer in line before Oppenheimer himself. He used his earnings from the gym to start his journey. He left home with only his Magmar 'Mort", and a badge; leaving the rest of his gym Pokemon to his brother to take his place. He has since been wondering all over Tatsu. He has been very selective of the Pokemon he has captured, trying to build a strong team. He has spent his early years as more of a breeder than a trainer.


Jude is a person without to much of a goal. He wants to better himself in as many ways as he can, not just in the area of Pokemon. He rarely wakes up in the same city two days in a row and likes it that way. He has made many friends on his journey, and as many rivals. The groups that he travels with may not last for two long, because his goals tend to differ from other trainers. Most trainers are out to get badges, but Jude is out for the best Pokemon to have as partners. Unlike most trainers he doesn't carry a pokedex, just a little black book with a few things jotted down. His team isn't quite complete, but when it is there will be few things in his way towards his goal of being a gym leader, or even the League Champion. Then who knows?.


To be announced

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