Marvis Kellop
Sprite by ????
Gender Female
Age 11
Hometown  ????
Occupation Trainer
Starter Murkrow
Favorite Murkrow
Party Murkrow, Snorunt, Sneasel, Eevee, Furret, Lickitung
PC Box 0
Badges 5


Marvis was a very outlandish, Boistrous child who made it a challenge trying to stand still.
She went to school at the pokemon acadmey like all the kids, and enjoyed playing Reds and Blues, a game where good guys were the reds, The game, made and named after the champion Red, who resided on Mt.Steel, and Blue, after his legendary rival.

It was while playing this game that she recived some news, Not good new, but not bad News, Marvis' Uncle Jonas had passed away, and she was to be present for the reading of the will.

The reading was quite boring, she never liked her uncle Jonas and she was sure he didn't like her, so Marvis was positive nothing was left for her.

But of course, much to her surprise, the will reader spoke "..and To my Dearest Marvis, you've shown more courage and longing than any of your cousin's, for that i am proud, I leave you this pokemon,.." And the speaker handed her the dusty pokeball.

She was two weeks from turning Ten, and in the pokeball revealed a Murkrow, and it was hers.


Marvis ussualy comes across as very noisy and loud, but is surprisingly quiet, She is Very loud around new people to show she's friendly, then gradually quietn's down.

Marvis enjoys talking, if your willing to listen, she'll spill her guts to you, her pokemon have learnd to listen, and know nearly every possible thing about her.

Attitudes towards things and people:Edit

Marvis is very observant of everything, and after Observing, often wishes to tinker and play. Marvis can be patient in some things, but a battles not one of them, she needs the battles to be constantly entertaining.

Behaviours and Habits:Edit

When Marvis is eating she tends to rock back and forth without realising , People often question her sanity if they're unfamillier with her.

And you can tell when she's lying simply by looking her dead in the eyes and saying "lie to me", if she does nothing, she's telling the truth, and if she'd lying, Marvis will start freaking.


Her hair is a Evony black and is ussualy down and has a yellow clip keeping things in place.

Her eye's are a bright blue.

She wears a yellow dress with black stockings under neath, with ankle high converse.

Terms Of Use:Edit

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