We are the greener pastures.

Primavera Town is an agrarian town in Tatsu located southwest of Centria.

People & Culture[edit | edit source]

Primaverans are generally laid-back compared to the citizens of other areas in Tatsu. They live simply and in general harmony with nature and their Pokémon. They espouse old-fashioned values, with women raised 'prim and proper' and men doing most of the manual labor with Pokémon helping. Crime is low under the watchful eye of Sheriff Huffman Drense and his deputies.

Of course, this does not mean that they do not embrace the latest technology every now and then. The town is entirely self-sufficient in terms of electrical power, with the majority of homes powered either by solar cells or from a small wind farm on the outskirts of the town.

Still, this hasn't stopped the town from developing a loathing for the city of Wattsburg to the north. The industrial giant's pollution sharply contrasts with the general cleanliness of Primavera town, and Primaverans frequently talk about Wattsburg in condescending tones, particularly criticizing how the city has progressed 'beyond its means.'

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Agriculture[edit | edit source]

Machinery is seldom used in Primavera's agriculture industry. Instead, Pokémon are used as tradition dictates. Equine and Bovine Pokémon are popular choices for moving things around, with Steel pokémon sometimes used to help reap the harvests. Water Pokémon also help out with irrigation.

Wild Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Grass-type Pokémon are the most frequent type of Pokémon found in and around Primavera. The inhabitants have also successfully developed means of living around them, designating large spaces where grass Pokémon could thrive (and for Primaverans to catch).

Of course, that hasn't quite stopped the grass-types from occasionally attacking Primaveran produce, along with Insects and other ground-type pests. Flying and Water Pokémon are the Primaverans' respective lines of defense against the insects due to the risk of poison-type moves accidentally tainting the crops, and fire-type moves destroying them.

Gyms & Battling[edit | edit source]

While Primaverans are not keen for grandiose battles, small battles (usually 1-on-1, no more than teams of 3) are a popular pastime for children and adults alike. Wounded Pokémon are often given rest and treatment in the town clinic or in their respective trainers' homes using natural remedies.

For those seeking a challenge, the town is host to a Grass-type gym. The gym leader is the Grass user Eve Del, and her daughter Tessla Del became the Wattsburg gym leader. Their familial rivalry echoes the rivalry of Primavera and Wattsburg.

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