The Safari Zone is an expanse of relatively preserved wilderness on the grounds of Smuggon University, which extends to a fair bit beyond the actual campus. Unlike the Safari Zones of other documented regions, Tatsu's Safari Zone is actually more akin to a large, natural zoo; capturing Pokemon in the Safari Zone, while not disallowed, is a heavily regulated process that requires going through multiple levels of administration and much filling of paperwork and is heavily based on the particular Pokemon species' population within the zone.

The Safari Zone was originally built as a giant natural research facility, where students and researchers could easily study the habits of Pokemon free from the hassles of travelling to distant regions or searching for a specific species for long periods of time. As a result, the Safari Zone is kept as free from human intervention as possible; aside from a few simulated habitats and boundaries set to prevent Pokemon from escaping, the Safari Zone is a very natural-looking place. Unintrusive cameras are set up at many points throughout the area, both to investigate Pokemon habits as well as to monitor the zone for any signs of poacher intrusions.

There have been rumors of students from wealthy or distinguished families bending the rules of the administration in order to get their hands on harder-to-obtain Pokemon from the Safari Zone, though the University denies any such claims.

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