Setsu Kazama
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Drawn by AshiJ/Pawprintstars
Gender Female
Age Unknown, appears late teens
Hometown Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Starter Charmander ♀ (Fatalis)
Favorite Notch-Eared Pichu (Makenai)
Party Pichu, Charizard, Ninetales, Umbreon
PC Box N/A
Badges N/A

Setsu Kazama is one of Settiesama's characters.

Backstory Edit

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Story Edit

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Personality Edit

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Attitudes towards things and people Edit

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Behaviors and habits Edit

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Fun FactsEdit

  • Setsu's hair is a natural white-blonde colour.
  • Setsu is a tiny 5'3".
  • Setsu doesn't play well with others.
  • Setsu loves cuddling up to her Charizard in Winter. It's easier then making a campfire.



  • Fatalis; Her starter pokemon. Unlike many trainers, Setsu got her starter as an egg, from her mother as a child. She took care of the egg, and when the female Charmander hatched, the two bonded quickly.
  • Makenai; "I won't give up". The name suited the small Pichu. Setsu found this little pokemon ill in the forest near her home. After a struggle to better it's health, the two became friends. When it came time to return the Pichu home, Makenai refused to go and instead decided to stay with Setsu.
  • Ninetales; Setsu recieved this beauty in a trade with her rival. Her female eevee for his shiny vulpix. Why would he part with such a thing? Who knows, but he was fairly insistant on getting the eevee from her.
  • Lapis; Setsu's family pride themselves on breeding eevees and training them. Each of her siblings also own one Eevee. Hers is a shiny Umbreon, the only one in the family. Lapis was also a twin, he has a sister whom was owned by Setsu's older brother.

Terms of Use Edit

In canon, this character and her Pokémon may only be used by her creator, Settiesama. Please ask permission before using this character in anything.

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