The Shenshin Mountains on a foggy day

The Shenshin Mountains are a precipitous and uneven mountain range that lie just east of Primavera Town. It is on the Shenshin Mountains that the Shenlong Monastery stands, a good distance up the face of the mountain. The mountains are rocky and sharply defined, with some tree growth that gradually thins out as altitude increases. It is perpetually misty around the area; though some days are clearer than others, the mountains are constantly surrounded by a visible veil of fog and clouds. Its relatively uninviting appearance tends to ward off all but the most die-hard of travellers and hikers.

A simple cave network crawls through the insides of the mountain, providing a safe haven for certain species of Pokemon as well as shelter for the unfortunate traveller who may have winded up lost due to the fog and mist. Though the deeper sections of the tunnel once connected with the Shenlong Monastery's famed underground lake, they have since been blocked off so as to prevent casual entry; currently the only accessible entry can be found at the Shenlong Monastery.

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