Gym leader of
Akitla Town
The Cool and Collected Ice Queen
No image
Gender Female
Age 29
Starter Smoochum
Favorite Abomasnow
PC Box N/A
Type trained Ice
Basic Party Snorunt, Snover, Jynx
Intermediate Party Snorunt, Snorunt, Jynx, Abomasnow
Advanced Party Abomasnow, Jynx, Froslass, Cryogonal, Alomomola
Badge Frost Badge

Frost Badge NEW.png

Svetlana is the Ice-type Gym Leader of Akitla Town. She gives out the Frost Badge to trainers who defeat her. Each of her three teams are made up of different individuals, with the Advanced Party being her own personal team.

Currently, very little is known about Svetlana, so this article will need to be improved.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Svetlana is perhaps one of the most enigmatic gym leaders. Whoever knows Svetlana's real backstory, which is very few, is certainly keeping quiet. The local rumor mill has it that Svetlana is the niece of SOLARUS executive and Centria gym leader Li Shan Fang through his half-brother. This is bolstered by SOLARUS' ownership of the gym, which essentially makes her an employee as well.

However, she looks nothing like her rumored uncle. People explain this way with the fact that Svetlana's father must look quite different from his half-brother, and must have married a blonde haired, blue-eyed woman. What they don't explain is that Li Shan Fang has never acknowledged a half-brother. Besides, it was the independently-run Pokémon League that sanctioned the gym and approved Svetlana's leadership.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Svetlana has a very cool demeanor, which is in keeping with the Ice-type gym leader stereotype that Candice of Sinnoh so self-admittedly defied. She rarely talks besides communicating essential information and pretends to ignore probing questions or remarks.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She is a tall woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears an elegant ice-cyan dress in her Gym. As a pedestrian, she wears heavy fur coats and reflective sunglasses, as if to shield herself in some way.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Svetlana's Advanced team is an Abomasnow, an Alomomola with Blizzard, a Jynx, a Froslass and a Cryogonal.

She also trains pre-evolutions of these for use in Lv.1 and Lv.2 gym battles.

Terms of Use[edit | edit source]

As a Gym Leader and an NPC character, she can be used freely; however, it is important to closely follow her character profile, unless of course it's something that's meant to be silly and out of character.

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