The unspoiled city of wealth and taste.

Victoria City is a location in Tatsu southwest of Smuggon University.

The city has been known for its high class status since the 18th century, as travelers who had accrued the most riches from their adventures became filthy rich, married, and settled down in one part of Tatsu. Others followed suit until a large community was formed, which kept growing bigger and bigger. By the end of the 20th century, however, it became tough for new people to enter into Victoria City society, as a class gap had emerged and the wealthy of the city care little for commoners. Visitors are still accomodated at places like Pokémon Centers like always, however.

It's a town reminiscent of Old London, with posh Victorian-style architecture. The fashion is somewhat more modern, but due to the majority of Victoria's residents being wealthy upper-class types, clothes tend to be more fancy and formal-looking than what you would see in other regions of Tatsu. The residents can't resist showing off their flashy jewelry, or flaunting their meticulously groomed Pokémon. A number of high-class restaurants and stores line the streets of Victoria City, but prices are about twice as expensive as anywhere else. Meanwhile, fancy and secluded villas are located on the outer hills of the city.

The Gym Leader is a socialite named Elizabeth, who hosts her Gym in a ballroom normally used during parties. She is a Normal-type user who gives out the Posh Badge.

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