Victory Road is a complex cavern network located underground, inside Pokémon League . Powerful wild Pokémon live there, providing a challenge to the trainers. At certain spots in Victory Road, however, exist 'you are here' maps for trainers' use. Victory Road is the first test for the crowds of Pokémon League hopefuls who wish to vie for the title of Champion. Tournament entrants are assigned a number that corresponds to one of the many entrances to Victory Road, and trainers who emerge within the six hours of allotted time are allowed to enter the tournament itself; the rest are safely collected by the League's rescue teams once the time limit has been passed.

The Victory Road challenge is harsh and pushes both Pokémon and trainer to their respective limits; using the natural cavern network as a base, the League supplements the cave systems with various obstacles and (non-life threatening) traps such as boulders and pitfalls. At certain spots in Victory Road, however, exist 'you are here' maps to aid in trainers' passing through the challenge. The wild Pokémon here are also extremely powerful, enough to give even Gym Leaders some difficulty in dealing with them. It is not at all uncommon for the Pokémon of trainers passing through Victory Road to evolve after attaining so much battle experience; one can also say that Victory Road prepares challengers for the Tournament in more ways than one.

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